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Your Scene


People want to connect with you.
You want to connect with people.

You want to connect in that one area that you truly love and think about all the time. It might be sewing. It could be a sport. Possibly chess. Whatever it is you understand that scene. You know its languages and nuances. You know them because you are a part of that group.

Your scene isn’t difficult to find or even become a huge part of. What people have difficulty in doing is admitting that all they want to do is be a part of the scene they love. We would rather go make money downtown then charge our batteries in the sewing club.

What if you could do both? I’m not saying you can both love your scene and make ends meet but I am suggesting you look very hard at what is possible.

You have a scene. And that scene is just waiting for you to become a part of the conversation. Waiting for you to bring something new and exciting into their lives by being involved, being engaged and because you are as thrilled as they are to have others to work and play with.

Go find your people.

Step up. Stand out.