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Who Do You Stand For?


There is a moment in all our lives where we are confronted with the opportunity to be bigger than the circumstances we are presented with. In fact, those moments happen all the time. Right from the very beginning of our lives.

In the school yard.
The office.
On the team.
In your family and in your home.

These are the times when you feel things aren’t as they should be. When someone is being wronged or possibly treated unfairly. These are the moments when you simply get a feeling that makes you sqirm and that feeling remains stuck in your head. As a child you weren’t sure how to deal with it so you merely pushed on. But now you can make a difference. Now you can stand up and do something about it. You can act in the moment or you can create solutions over time. Regardless of your tactics you have the strength and capacity to make things happen.

So my question to you is this: Who and what will you stand for today?

Will it be the homeless?
The unwell?
Children? The environment?

Or simply yourself?
You can take control.

Step up. Stand out.