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What Are You Protecting?


The steel workers, auto industry, teachers, the music industry, stock brokers, real estate agents and many a political leader all know what it feels like when your environment changes forever and yet you are left protecting an old system.

The music industry tried to stem the tide yet new and improved ways of producing and distributing artists destroyed what was. Like a tidal wave leveling what was in its path, you could see the remnants and recognize the shapes of what once was there but the landscape had been reclaimed ready for the new way of doing things.

Humans don’t like change. In fact, we dread change more than anything. At the same time we intuitively understand that change is what brings us forward. We simply prefer others to have to deal with the pain. We are scared of change as a whole.

Maybe it is time to become more fearful of what the circumstances would be like if you don’t embrace change. If you hold onto the last dying pieces of a struggling business or don’t look towards growing markets for your next enterprising career. Where are the new opportunities?

Look into the future. What happens if your industry changes for good? Will you be standing there trying to protect what was? It probably won’t ever look the same again. We can yell and scream about making it better or protecting our rights or even be scared for our families but change happens and it rarely allows for what was to exist in the same manner.

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.

Invite the changes. Be a leader for it.
Step up. Stand out.