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Wake Up


We are a confusing bunch. We over think the obvious and one of the few things we do consistently well is to believe our goals are out of our reach. We waste time unlike any other creature on the planet.

It is a rare day that a squirrel sits back, parks himself at the base of a tree and ponders whether he should or shouldn’t collect a few nuts. He just does it. Tail up, one paw [I think it's a paw] in front of the other, and one nut at a time. Some will say a very small brain but I’m looking for the broader point.

Wake up. Get out of bed. Get out your front door and launch yourself into what you want to be doing and probably should be doing.

Get simple.
Get real.
Get busy doing important things that you like and want to do.

Stop considering what you didn’t complete yesterday or the wasted time you lost from last week and just put one foot in front of the other.

Be in motion.
Wake up tomorrow and simply make yourself leave the building in action towards your finest day ever. It might be a bit scary but you never know what will happen when you start making it happen.

Step up. Stand out.