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Too Busy


You have been so busy that you forgot.

Too busy on your phone keeping up with your social friends.
Too busy thinking about how amazing your weekend and holiday will be.
Too deep in your head worrying about what may never happen in the future.
Lying on the coach disappointed in yourself because you missed another month of workouts.
Too busy spending the raise you might get.
Too busy reaching for the super sweet title and position of power at work.
Too busy wanting your kids to be older, more mature and deal with themselves.

You have been so busy thinking that at the end of the road is where you get to live that you forgot to be amazing right now. In this moment. Today. Moment to moment.

So busy thinking it, whatever that is for you, will happen soon, or one day in the near future, that you neglected to notice that little pieces of excellence added together eventually get you to a place you want to be. And help you enjoy today.

The journey.

Practice being present.
Be excellent in everything you do. In every moment.
It is the only way to assure happiness.

Don’t be so busy you forget to live an amazing life.

Step up. Stand out.