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Tidal Waves


The creation of the internet has caused a tidal wave. A wave so high and powerful that many things in its path will never be the same. Never.

Email has crippled mail.
Online shopping has forced the bricks and mortar to rethink their status as the place to shop.
That same shopping has built shipping franchises into multi billion dollar enterprises.The record shop has been replaced by iTunes.
Books and publishing by Kindles and pdf packages.
Webinars can instantly share information across nations.
Social media has replaced the watercooler.
Work place environments have altered to accommodate e-commuters.
Instant communication has altered the speed a movement can happen.

Out there in your shaky industry lay the opportunities to reshape the way we look at the world. Where you live there are cozy people sitting back and enjoying their perfect life. Look there. The place where everybody is comfortable is the place where the tidal wave you cause could make a difference.

Don’t look there because you want to cause pain but because it is probably where society is feeling the irritation of an overpriced, over politicized and over laboured system. That is where the new economy can create great things for the people. Anything that is over protected or overtly political needs exploring.

Look for cozy. Bring the wave of change.

Step up. Stand out.