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The Work of Fun


Fun is one the more ambiguous modern words. We use it to describe the experience of being happy and enjoying oneself but rarely do we consider fun as an experience of the journey.

Consider a birthday party.

Balloons. Cake. Party favours. Games. Perhaps costumes. Venue rental. Streamers. Food. Invites to friends. Presents.
It all takes work to sort out. The better the party the more work that has typically gone into staging the event. Sometimes the more money that has been spent but more often than not, those who have thought about how to throw a fun party have spent time and effort to get it just right.

The day arrives and the anticipation is high for the people in charge. It might even be stressful. Will people enjoy themselves? Will they show up? Have we put everything in its correct place? Then the party goers all show up and typically because others are enjoying themselves, and the effort to get people having fun has taken place weeks in advance, people do indeed have fun.

Your business or project or even local sports team isn’t any different. Even your camping trip.
Fun is work. Hard work if you want to have more fun.
Fun could be making a sale or an incredible culture around your team. It could be a staff barbeque or simply an event you are throwing for charity.

If you want it to work and be fun you must stop thinking of the subject matter as the factor that causes an atmosphere that is fun or enjoyable. That is hope.

This is why you need to find the things you are most passionate about and then make them your life.
Because having fun is hard work unless you love every minute of it.

Then it is just fun work.

Step up. Stand out.