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The Time Is Never Right


There is never a right time. Never.

If you are young they say you haven’t got the experience and we definitely need people that have been through the trenches a few times. If you are older they say we need fresh ideas and youthful exuberance. Your too old and stuck in your ways, the new world doesn’t need you anymore.

The industry is irrelevant. Same story in every single one. The disappointing part is that we believe it and repeat the tall tale endlessly ultimately making it come true. I’m just not right for this.

Until someone comes along and bursts our bubble. Someone that is humble about his or her strengths and excited to learn. They show up smiling and ready to get busy, no matter their age. They play and have fun, yet know the job must get done, and the boss sees their execution. So does the world. There are no preconceived ideals this person fits into and they get very few breaks because they don’t fit the story. They just get on with it, ignoring the talk or the box they are supposed to fit into.

They just do it.
Start it.
Finish it.
Work later.
Learn more.
Play harder.
Smile more.
See fewer roadblocks and talk about them even less.

They own it. What they create is theirs to give away and what they learn is theirs to keep.

For everybody else, the time is never right.
For you, the time is always now.
And it is always right for making it happen.

Step up. Stand out.