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The Pursuit of Excellence


It strikes me that those who truly pursue excellence understand a few vital aspects of the game:

Excellence is not an end goal and nor do you gain momentum towards it. It is not really pursued but more a moment-to-moment commitment. Excellence is more about what you do right now.

Excellence, much like the word perfection, can never truly be achieved and nor does it matter. Aiming for the best you can do, mixed with equal parts sweat, vision, execution and commitment will leave you satisfied but hungry to keep pushing to another level. Happy with your results and excited to see where you can take it. The tip of the mountaintop does not exist when you pursue excellence.

Looking back as you rack up experiences is a simple way to recognize if you have been pursuing excellence. Nothing there? You have been floating through life. Lots? You are somewhere in the zone.

One doesn’t pursue excellence.
One lives it.

Step up. Stand out.