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The Closer It Gets


The idea comes to you while taking a long shower.
Or riding your bicycle.
Or on the long drive to work.

The game changer. This is it. Now you know what you will do for the foreseeable future. You are elated and energized. Sitting down you plot the course and write out all the ideas, permutations and outcomes for your beautiful concept. It just flows out of you. Word after word, thought after thought. Simple. Free. Amazing. Your idea is coming to life right in front of you.

The next step is to share it and tell people about how you will change the world.
The reaction from the first few people is fantastic. Wow. They like it!
Then a few negative responses and some questions that rattle you just a touch. You answer them to your own satisfaction and consider yourself lucky to have acquaintences that want only the best for you. This will make you stronger.

Then you announce a “soft’ launch. It is a meeting of connectors and business experts. This is the day your idea becomes real for the rest of the world.

It is at this very moment, the day you earmark as launch day, when fear begins to grip you. Have I thought this through enough? What if they hate it? Am I prepared for this? I wonder if it really is a good idea? I should have listened to my friends and quit before it became too big.

But this time you will be different. You will bring a new attitude.

Look fear in the eyes and welcome them to your launch.
Your idea is real.
It is yours.
It has value if you believe in it (and you have truly done your homework).
The only person that can stop your progress stares back at you while you brush your teeth each morning.

The closer it gets the more comfortable you have to be with fear coming along for the ride.
The trick is to never let fear guide you. It’s there. It will always be there. But it needn’t define your work…

…or life.

Step up. Stand out.