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The Best Things In Life

Happy New Year everyone. I do hope this year will be the best one you have ever had.


Last night I read to my youngest daughter. It’s something I do regularly but not nearly enough. Unfortunately most of the time it takes me remembering how much it matters to her to get me focused on the task at hand. I consider it a job after a long day at work. I have things I need to get done and a smart phone to constantly check in with.

I absolutely love reading to my kids…once I am in the process of doing it. Until then, it weighs on me, like housework or the desk drawers that need to be emptied. Stuff I should do but don’t want to because it takes up my precious time.

It isn’t even a perspective or a mindset. I have literally trained myself to think I have better things to do. Sad really. However, not the end of the road and always time to rethink the way we live our lives. Always time to stand up.

Consider with me the amount of time you waste on useless or frivilous things like TV. If you had only one year to live would you use any of it on Netflix? Or cruising social media to see pictures of cats in sweaters?

So why is it important now?

Are you prepared to lose out on once-in-a-lifetime activities and relationships to watch another youtube video or the next massive mid season league game?

The best things in life are not things.

Step up. Stand out.