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The Back Seat of the Car


I have three children and like many of you I bustle them about to their activities like a taxi driver on New Year’s Eve. Morning, noon and night.

They get themselves in and out of the car like a drunk after a night out, which is to say, loudly and with incredible fuss. Bags and hockey sticks, instruments and artwork, all flies into the station wagon as we prepare for the next journey.

They buckle up, encourage me to do the same and we are off. Throughout the travels they will talk to me about what is on their minds with an air or casualness that I have earned as their father. I am a trusted figure, having never totally failed them even though we have yet to make it to the land of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. They can handle the slight blemish on my record it appears.

We drive through traffic jams, speed traps, horrific weather and beautiful days and never once are they concerned with my actions. Their trust is implicit. Complete. Earned every day by not looking to change the rules on them or cause them to misunderstand the game of life as their parents see it. We make hard decisions as parents but we aim to remain fair.

And that brings trust. Easy to earn when they are young but work that must continue for their whole lives.

We want our kids to love us. So we will try. Even on the very difficult days.

There is very little difference that should be made between the relationship you have with your customers, newsletter subscribers or friends. Always work to earn trust and never relax in your pursuit of this type of relationship.

Trust is easily lost and it is never easily gained.
It is the truly the greatest gift when someone allows you to have theirs. Treat it accordingly.
Always remember this.

Step up. Stand out.