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My Why. What’s Yours?


This post was inspired by a friend who asked that I invite others into my ‘Why’. Here it is. Thanks bro.
Christmas approached very differently this past year. I had just moved on from twenty-one years owning and operating my own retail business and I was sitting silently in my living room wondering why I wasn’t readying myself for the onslaught of last-minute shoppers. My mind was still twitching and on alert but my body was done. No gas in the tank. Years of managing people, looking for the next sale and building our community had started to set in.

What was I going to do?

Growing up in business has been an amazing experience. As I matured and took stock year after year, I realized that my learning was coming right in the trenches. In the places the real stuff happens. Real people issues right in your face. There was so much I wanted to support. So many things I felt needing addressed that there never seemed enough time. Real world issues that we weren’t looking at because we were all so busy trying to take care of ourselves.

Having children of my own only fueled my introspection.

That Christmas I boiled down all my thinking and tried to dig as deeply as possible to uncover why I cared, what I cared for and what I might do. It was a simple process but required lots of thinking. I walked and hiked. Discussions with mentors and ultimately a significant amount of time banging around ideas in my head. Simple steps but emotionally challenging.

Looking at the things I loved, where I was passionate, and the areas that moved me, I came closer and closer to my mark. Discovering the bigger reason for why I decided to even start this blog…or anything at all.

Here it is:
My why.

I believe we can attain world peace if people simply took action and made shit happen.

That’s it.
In my years of managing people the same thing always happened when they weren’t busy or doing stuff that energized them.

They fought.
They whined.
They cried about their lot in life.
They looked at their inadequacies.
They found a reason to stay stalled.
Life slowed and so did their spirit.

Now, I’m not really sure if I’m right or wrong and frankly I don’t care. My fire has been lit and I already know I am an expert at but one thing: taking action. Going out and doing stuff. Getting started.

Do I execute well. Not sure. Sometimes I think but that’s not necessarily my expertise. Am I the best manager, best philanthropist or any other title? Nope. But I can truly compete with anyone when it comes to putting one foot in front of the other and getting up to shit.

So what if everyone was in action on what fueled them? What would happen if the planet was filled with people not just surviving but thriving by doing what they were most excited about? What if every person had a project they just couldn’t shake from their brain? From Jakarta to Berlin and all stops in between. Would people be fighting? Would the apathy that besets our poorest villages and communities exist? I don’t know but I’m willing to make a bet the world would look differently. More importantly I have already bet my life on it.

I’m here to light people up. Energize them and leave them pumped and rocking life. Any project I choose, this is where I come from. From this writing to the next sports team I coach to the next project I work on with you. Pumped and rocking life. Inspiring others to get busy doing stuff. Learning. Loving. Playing. I want to be leaving others way smarter than me in a position to make shit happen.

My aim is world peace through action.

Now you know.
What’s your why?

Go. Make shit happen.
Go. Make a difference.

Photo Credit: Jay Roeder via Compfight cc