My Offer To You

How can I support you?
What can I do to help?

Strategy, another set of eyes on the project, listen, uncover the road block…what’s stopping you?
It’s time to fight the fear and get busy. We need you.
It’s time to step up.

My offer to you.

My time. Without charge. No strings attached.

A coffee, phone call, google hangout, Skype. Whatever. If I don’t know how to use it, I learn it.
If you need support I will work to fit you in my schedule and do my utmost to provide you my best resources and insights to help give you lift. Need a contact – scour my LinkedIn connections or we’ll see if we can help you find the resource you need. Want my thoughts? Ask. You may not always like what you hear but you can ignore me after. The price was right after all. Need marketing guidance. Been there. Can assist. Need another person on the family board of advisors. Let’s do it. Any subject. We’ll think it through.

A note: I will be fiercely protective of my family time and try to avoid the people I call ‘takers’ but my offer stands. If you want support to get to the next level, solve a problem, or to go make a difference, just ask. We’ll work out the communication details later. I’ve experienced a lot and know a few things. I’m sure we can come up with some new outcomes and new perspectives for you to consider. I am your freind if you need one.

My bio.
My LinkedIn. Happy to be your connection. Tell me what you do. Thanks.
Facebook page. Go on: give it a like. Please.
Twitter. Let’s chat and keep it going.
My contact for when you need that extra person on your team.

This is a *free* site. However, we do take donations for charity as high-fives! If you think we provided you any value you might consider dropping something in the charity jar. I’ll make sure it goes to good use. That’s a promise.

At your service.