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Life Hack


Life hacking is all the rage and makes for some really cool reading. A hack is basically looking for ways to fix a problem in your life [and everybody elses for that matter]. Hacks exists for just about everything. How to dry sport equipment? How to clean your windows, wash your car with non toxic soap and so on.

Life hacking to me is also about questioning pre-existing notions. For a lot of us, we do things a certain way because everybody else does it that way. It is what we heard, what we say and thus what we do. The only way we ever knew and  therefore the right way.

Nothing wrong with questioning the norm. Nothing wrong with trying to find simple solutions to save time and energy. Problems occur when you aren’t sure if you are cutting corners on what needs to be done rather than finding new and innovative solutions. Push the boundaries but be real if they don’t work. Then start again with a new premise and experiment. Hacking life can be fun but it doesn’t mean there is a solution for every problem. don’t hide behind researching and building a better mousetrap when what the world really needs is you connecting, being brave and making a difference.

I am going to explore marketing hacks. It should be fun. My overarching question that keeps me thinking:

Can you life hack generosity?