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Last Breath


What is inspiration?

What does it feel like? What kind of fire burns inside those that rise up and end up in the rarified air of what we refer to as the truly successful and happy?

Imagine yourself in a swimming pool.
Now imagine being under water and holding your breath.
Then consider your breath slowly dribbling out of your body and how you might want to make it back to the surface.
Now feel what it is like to have the hands of an oppressor holding you under as you struggle for life.

There. That feeling.
The moment you realize nothing else matters but keeping life. Your life. That second you see clearly that nothing else matters except your next glorious inhale of air.

That feeling is born from the same place as inspiration. It is desperation morphed with desire and fulfillment. It is inside of you.

But only you can locate it, sense it and use it.

Go. Play like you are searching for your last breath.

Step up. Stand out.