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It Only Takes One


If a tree falls in a forest does anybody hear it?

By the same token, you have a real and valuable story to tell, but if you decide to bottle it up without sharing, is it real? More importantly, for those that do share, if you waste your time trying to convince people who really aren’t listening to your idea, story or plan, will your story live on?

Like the preacher on the street corner we spend a lot of our time foolishly trying to convince those that don’t care about what we are up to or why we are even doing what we do. We look to change people’s thinking, which is the most difficult of things to accomplish.

Look instead for those that are hearing what you are saying. They may be more difficult to find but once you discover one person you have the beginnings of a tribe and the possibility of your message spreading. Take your time looking for the right people to share your ideas with and gauge interest quickly when you begin to share your story. If you aren’t being heard then simply enjoy the company of others. If you are, dig deeper.

It only takes one person.
Find them.

Step up. Stand out.