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I Want It Now


Your stocks you just bought likely won’t double tomorrow.
Your probably not going to win the lottery this Wednesday either.
And your house value isn’t going to rise exponentially in the next year.
Your kid will not make the NFL after his second year playing flag football.
Your workout yesterday is unlikely to deliver the six-pack you dreamed you had.
And that book you started doesn’t mean that you are fast tracked into the Ivy League.

But they are a start. Now, what’s your rush?

Don’t read; why don’t you care or what’s the point in trying? Just, what is the rush? Or put another way, what’s a realistic approach to achieving my dreams and goals?

All around the world companies are being pushed by investors to get the job done, at all costs, now. Raise that stock value I want to retire. I don’t care how you do it just raise it. A big problem that has led to some of the world’s finest scams.

How can a company build for the future under that stress? How can a plan be implemented under those conditions? Think about it; you can’t build a new factory to produce more widgets without spending money and you need those widgets to increase revenues. It is just not possible to do it overnight. so why do we think it is?

Because we want it now. We don’t enjoy the journey. We don’t do what we say we do. Our actions speak much louder than our words. It’s as if we believe we deserve what we want. And that adds stress to the whole system. From you personally to the organizational psyche. Families, the sales guy, the infrastructure of the organization and all stops in between. Unrealistic expectations quickly change the culture from a ‘doing’ culture to a ‘reactive’ culture because everyone is asking “Why hasn’t it happened yet?’ instead of “What can I do now to support the future?”

If you could start working on a project right now, without any expectations, what would you want to do with your time? How would you treat others? What attitude would you bring to your work?

Building a culture that is enamored with the future vision and working hard to make it happen is directly correlated with the stress of a delivery timeline. Create a culture of execution without a culture of expectation. Accept the results as they are and continue to adjust the plan as those results come in.

Now some might read this as ‘don’t worry about shipping the product’ because they will want to argue that lack of expectation breeds complacency. However, shipping is part of an execution culture and shipping realistically will have people push to do it well and maybe even ahead of time. Why? Because they are enrolled in the culture and the vision for the future rather than the fat wallets of doing it by tomorrow. And chances are, if the vision is compelling enough and the culture rewarding enough, the wallets will be fatter….eventually. An execution culture doesn’t mean a highly stressed environment because the expectations are so out of sync with the world. It means people get stuff done and delivered. Hopefully, with joy and care and because they put their heart into it.

Your stock value doesn’t matter to me. You putting stock in all of my values does.

Enjoy the journey. Go. Make a difference.