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Form A New Default


There is a reason it takes years and years of schooling and residency to become a practicing doctor. It is the same reason that normally sixteen year olds don’t make the pro leagues in sports. It may also be the reason why those parents with five children seem more at ease than the ones who just had their first child.

There is some experience that is needed and some learning that obviously must happen. However, the most important thing that begins to take place after years of performing the right moves and the proper systems in regular controlled situations is that people become accustomed to doing the necessary things to deliver a successful result. Even under extreme duress.

They form a new default.

What can you learn from this? It’s very simple. We must practice doing the right things every day. We need to look for a system that will allow us to perform well no matter what happens in our lives. Whether that is training yourself to smile or write thoughts of gratitude at a regular time each day, through repetition we have the ability to change our default emotions.

Talking to yourself negatively will never help.
Telling yourself that you are doing poorly or feeling tired will only result in exactly that being true. Change the game. Alter the default. And then train, train, train. Practice feeling good. Practice the notion of being the best. Dream it and believe it. Day after day. Year after year.

Until the positive nature is your default. Your regular attitude. Then when the economy dips, someone in the family suffers a problem, you lose your job or something doesn’t quite work out, you will be programmed to take it in stride and roll with the situation. You will bring the right attitude, effort and thinking needed to rise above the situation.

The circumstances should never define you.
Your attitude should.

Create the change you want.
Form a new default.

Go. Make a difference.

Photo Credit: Fat Heat .hu via Compfight cc