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Everybody Has A Plan


“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

Business planning is an area of great interest and there is copious amounts of literature written about how-to and exactly what to do for getting the process just right. Perusing your local library or strolling through your online bookstore will shine a light on just how many experts there are on the business or project planning arena. From financial planning right the way through to vision declarations, there is educational tools in high quantities.

However, most people and businesses end up with their plan shelved somewhere at the bottom of the desk drawer. The plan doesn’t live, it literally ends the day the last period has been dotted. It was a fruitless exercise designed to only serve acquisition of capital. Once done at the bank the plan has served it’s purpose.

Where a business plan should provide guidance and become a real and living document is at the time you hit adversity. For that very time you get punched in the face. That is when you need to be anchored and reach back for the training and effort you put in to create your plan. That is when you need to arm yourself with the ‘why’ of your business. Why did I start this project? What adjustments do I need to make now that there are other teams playing against me?

You see, everybody can have a plan, it’s the people that consistently analyze if they are on track with their plan and know how to react once they get punched in the face that will almost certainly succeed. Eventually.

Do you get up after you have been punched?

Step up. Stand out.