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Change Your Game


Our capacity to think along only one pathway is endless. What is even more incredible is that we often believe we are considering all the possible options and solutions. We literally work harder doing the same things thinking we will get a better result. Einstein called that the definition of insanity.

The internet and its infinite capacity for sharing has altered entire industries forever. Music, books, and the legal fraternity to name just a few. For many onlookers the music industry is officially over yet now and again someone thinking quite differently will come along and add a new level. Take Radiohead for example. When they launched an album completely online, without agents, record labels or any of the normal pre-release fanfare they took self publishing by storm. Anybody could have done this but it seemed like it was only for the broke artist trapped in social media oblivion. This was a world-class band doing it like the little guy. Now writers all over the planet are self publishing and controlling their own destiny. They pay to play and they own their results.

How can you take your expertise and turn your industry on its head? What would be a different way to look at your situation? An underdog’s perspective would be that anything is possible.

Joseph Rooks decided that submitting his one page resume to boring robots so they could maybe pass on his details to potential employers was not in his best interest. Besides, he knows he has the talent. It’s up to a new employer to recognize he’s the guy for them. He decided to stand out. Take a look at how he is interviewing possible employers. He changed his game.

The world is looking for some magic. The magic happens out on the edges but you have to reach out there and take the leap. Thinking is your most powerful weapon to combat mediocrity. Be creative. Be you. Be ready to take a different path and find a new solution.

Be like Joseph.

Step up. Stand out.