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CD Cases and Rivers


There are very few instances where you will find people more confrontational than those that who have their livelihoods threatened. Unfortunately you will rarely see much vision within the ranks either. It will be large amounts of energy reinforcing the dam. Supporting their argument of stay the course. Marketing and communicating their points of contention using any means possible including the ever staged celebrity plea. The big guy standing up for the little guys.

It rarley works in reverse.

The little guys didn’t stand in line when Metallica decided to save the record man and protect their beloved cash cow, the music industry. Oh, they tried. But we still streamed. It was actually easier.

The retailers of America didn’t get picket lines and celebrity endorsed messages when slowly the online store crept into our economy. Many simply just died, overtaken by little amazon and ebay, both of whom became the industry itself. Again, easier.

Make it easier. Make it work. Make it work for us.
We don’t care what is out there already. We’ll switch if it is easier, more fun, more complete, better value or any combination within. The suits cannot save themselves fast enough when a really good idea comes around.

So, you can stick with the CD cases and quietly wither away or you can build a new way to look at things, making it easier for people everywhere to ride the wave.

Step up. Stand out.