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The advent of the smart phone and the invasive actions that young people can take has everybody talking about bullying and how we can deal with it. But it isn’t just a youth problem.

Words like bully are so broad but we think of them with very little scope. For most of us we think of the big guy that takes your milk money, the aggressor that holds the power. However, the mental side of bullying might be where the most damage is caused and is the most difficult to see or even address. Girls are often the power brokers of their community. They speak to who is the most attractive and who fits in more than the traditional sense of abuser. It is this type of bullying that becomes pervasive. It also starts to define people’s actions as they grow older.

It is why we pull for average.

We cut down our celebrities and we look to mock those that are successful. We speak quietly in the lunchroom of those that are different or pushing to make a dent in the world. Why would they try so hard? They have no idea what they are doing?

From our early days in school we seldom lose our tendency to try and exert control over others. We want the most successful to be like us so we don’t feel alone and yet we want to be successful unlike those we feel we are better than. It is time to be aware of how we act and what we think.

It is time to vaunt the person stepping up to the plate and swinging for a better world. It is time to get in line and help those individuals. To feel proud of their efforts and to support them by collaborating and building upon their ideas. It is time to allow free thinkers to exist without prejudice and time to accept that we have never gotten anywhere in life by doing the same thing over and over again.

Don’t be a bully. Be different. Be confident that you can make a difference.
Be the one.

Step up. Stand out.