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Contact Info:You can reach me and I will respond. Happy to support you make a difference in your world.

Twitter: @WillCromack Don’t bother yourself. I’m boring.
email: It’s only me so fire away.

Not a big fan of these but here goes…my life in a few lines.

It is the sum of all of our outcomes that make us who we are.
The good. The bad. The great. The disastrous.

Current aspirations:

  • To be an example of the power the little guy has when they decide to step up to stand out.
  • To make a difference on sport culture and citizenship through our newest business, The Champions In Sport Foundation.
  • To use coaching youth sport as a place I can make an impact on our future…daily
  • To see Canada make the World Cup of soccer beofre I die…and support that reality happening…
  • Leaving space for awesomeness to arrive into…

Stuff that I’ve made happen by stepping into the fray…every day…

  • Won some Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Just having fun working hard.
  • Been voted social change person of the year. Values from my parents.
  • Had a retail store voted best in Canada. Opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks Dad.
  • Sold our business name & brand. Was left in debt. My real University degree.
  • Set up a multi city business and spectacularly overwhelmed our young team. So fun.
  • Played on a University Hall of Fame sports team. Love looking back.
  • Represented a local pro team from the bench and played for my country. My passion. Sport helped shape me.
  • Managed over 350 people under the age of 30. Biggest challenge I’ve ever had. Most learning.
  • Started & operated & sold a wonderful kids camp business. Love empowering youth.
  • Wrote some books that weren’t best sellers. Awesome experience.
  • Love marketing. Love guerrilla marketing. How I see the world.
  • Executed literally hundreds of small & large events. Real world experience. Know the feeling at 3am when it ain’t done yet. Learned how to deliver under pressure.
  • Set a Guinness Record. Crazy stuff.
  • Started a charity. Inspired.
  • Raised and have led events that have brought in excess of $3million in donations. People want a leader. People will lead.
  • Left a legacy of schools doing charity events. Proud.
  • Been in shape. Been out of shape. Eaten well. Eaten poorly. We are all on the same team and need support.
  • Have a wife…still. Lucky.
  • Have kids. Not sure that’s lucky. Love them.
  • Started my own business at 18. Wasn’t ready. Couldn’t have been better.
  • Learned it all through books, successes and getting broken. The only way I know. For now.
  • Want more detail on any of the above? Just ask.

Still learning. Still working hard. Always trying to be an example for my kids. Doesn’t always work.
Realizing the more I practice staying humble the more opportunities I have to learn from others. Not always easy. Always surprised where and when the learning comes. Know there is still lots to get up to. Finding my way supporting others.

Contact me if you think I can support you or your organization step up to stand out.
Would love to help.

No really. I would love to help. Take a look at “My Offer To You” if you need a little more convincing.

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