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An Underdog


What is an underdog? Thus far, that is the most common question for me. What’s the deal?

An underdog is the person or team that isn’t supposed to win. The one that needs to struggle to get onto even terms and who plays the game regardless of their chances at victory. The underdog is expected to lose. For many of us that expectation is what defines our lives. We think we will always lose.

However, the underdogs that we end up knowing about are the ones that still took the challenge and tried. They played the game and took on the big dog in an attempt to break free from their situation. Perhaps they are like us where they came from less than perfect beginnings, had less financial capacity and maybe didn’t have the best circumstances or environment to work with. They never had the team or the players that were expected to accomplish anything.

But some of them did.

They still played, they got on the court and they gave everything they had to the cause. And they gave themselves a shot.

Not matter the situation; we all have places where we aren’t that comfortable, where we might feel like we can’t compete. We are all underdogs at those times. Those of us willing to still grab our slingshots and step out into the battle against the giants are the winners. Those people are the successful, the strong and they are also at peace. Not because they won the battle but because they played with all their heart and gave themselves a chance. A chance they feel they had control over.

They are living a life of greatness not because of the results they achieved but because of the challenge they decided to take. They get results more often than not because they showed up where others were too scared to try.

There has never been a better time in history than now to pick yourself and get into the game. Your voice and your ideas have as good, or better, a chance to spread than the biggest and best businesses. Resources have never been easier to access and being valuable to a group of people you care about has never been easier.

But you have to play. And you must play hard.
We believe in you.
It’s time to grab your slingshot.

Step up. Stand out.