The Best Things In Life

Happy New Year everyone. I do hope this year will be the best one you have ever had.


Last night I read to my youngest daughter. It's something I do regularly but not nearly enough. Unfortunately most of the time it takes me remembering how much it matters to her to get me focused on the task at hand. I consider it a job after a long day at work. I have things I need to get done ....

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The Pursuit of Excellence


It strikes me that those who truly pursue excellence understand a few vital aspects of the game: Excellence is not an end goal and nor do you gain momentum towards it. It is not really pursued but more a moment-to-moment commitment. Excellence is more about what you do right now. Excellence, much like the word perfection, can never truly be achieved and nor does it matter. Aiming for the best y....

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The Back Seat of the Car


I have three children and like many of you I bustle them about to their activities like a taxi driver on New Year's Eve. Morning, noon and night. They get themselves in and out of the car like a drunk after a night out, which is to say, loudly and with incredible fuss. Bags and hockey sticks, instruments and artwork, all flies into the station wagon as we prepare for the next journey. The....

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What Lies Under The Sofa…


You've washed the windows, polished the tables, mopped the floors and vacuumed the house.

But what lies under the sofa? Have you picked it up lately and seen what unsightly mess resides in the darkness?

It's easy to make the outside look amazing. Those places everyone sees. The opportunities, even in m....

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The Closer It Gets


The idea comes to you while taking a long shower. Or riding your bicycle. Or on the long drive to work. The game changer. This is it. Now you know what you will do for the foreseeable future. You are elated and energized. Sitting down you plot the course and write out all the ideas, permutations and outcomes for your beautiful concept. It just flows out of you. Word after word, thought after though....

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Out of Your League


"Those people are out of my league." If everything you do is actually in your league then how will you ever know what it's like in the other leagues. Won't you just be doing the same things all within your own little league? Is their league better or is it worse? Is that league doing more with less or making a bigger difference? Do they use different methods? Better practices? Smarter? Slower?....

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Be An Expert At


If you aren't the type that is the best doctor in the world. Or the best marketer. The best brain in the room. The next great visionary. Salesman to the stars. Player of the ages. Or any other expert that may exist out there. If you don't consider yourself to be the greatest in your category, then work on being an expert in one or two special areas of personal development. Be an expe....

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Too Busy


You have been so busy that you forgot. Too busy on your phone keeping up with your social friends. Too busy thinking about how amazing your weekend and holiday will be. Too deep in your head worrying about what may never happen in the future. Lying on the coach disappointed in yourself because you missed another month of workouts. Too busy spending the raise you might get. Too busy r....

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The Time Is Never Right


There is never a right time. Never. If you are young they say you haven't got the experience and we definitely need people that have been through the trenches a few times. If you are older they say we need fresh ideas and youthful exuberance. Your too old and stuck in your ways, the new world doesn't need you anymore. The industry is irrelevant. Same story in every single one. The disappoint....

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No More Brochures


Is there an obesity problem? Said nobody. Do we lack adequate funding for education? Said nobody. Should I recycle? Is it bad for one to watch five hours of television a day? I wonder what I should eat to be healthy? Just where might I find this information? I just don't know where to look. Look everywhere. We know what we should do. We know where to find information. There is an article a day, ever....

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